Ironbridge Interiors Limited

We first met Gail when she became a customer of ours, purchasing a new kitchen.
During a conversation she mentioned she may be able to help us with our accounting and bookkeeping if ever we felt the need.

A few months later, after floundering around with our accounting, which was pretty awful considering our size and turnover, we approached her.
WOW, what a difference she has made!
At her suggestion we purchased the market leading Accounts software package, which she has implemented, and together with that she has totally transformed our bookkeeping. Not only that but she has spotted one or two errors i.e.; outstanding balances not paid and invoices paid twice etc, which would have gone over our heads before. We know Gail will happily talk to prospective business owners, without any commitment, to see if she can help.
All we can say is we recommend Gail’s services wholeheartedly.
All I can say, as the business owner, is she has helped free up valuable time for me to concentrate on running the business.

Anthony Baggott (Director)